Make the Most of This Important Benefit

Your Contributions

New participants are automatically enrolled at 7% deferral rate (subject to the annual limit set by the Internal Revenue Service). All participants deferring between 1% and 9% will have their deferral rate increased by 1% annually with the “Auto Increase” feature until 10% deferral is reached. You may change your deferral rate, investment choices, or opt out of the automatic enrollment at any time.

Company Matching

If eligible, Eastman matches 50% of every dollar you contribute through your deferral, up to 7%. Contribute enough to receive the company match if you are eligible.

IRS Limitations

The Internal Revenue Service sets limits on your contributions each year.

Less Than 50 Years Old
2020 IRS Limit $19,500
50 Years or Older
2020 $26,600*

*Includes $6,000 catch-up contribution