Make the Most of This Important Benefit

Your Contributions

New participants are automatically enrolled at 7% deferral rate (subject to the annual limit set by the Internal Revenue Service). All participants deferring between 1% and 9% will have their deferral rate increased by 1% annually with the “Auto Increase” feature until 10% deferral is reached. You may change your deferral rate, investment choices, or opt out of the automatic enrollment at any time.

Company Matching

If eligible, Eastman matches 50% of every dollar you contribute through your deferral, up to 7%. Contribute enough to receive the company match if you are eligible.

Eastman’s Contribution to Your 401(k) Account

The 401(k) plan includes an annual Retirement Savings Contribution (RSC). Eligible participants will receive an RSC allocation equivalent to 5% of the year's RSC-eligible earnings into your 401(k) account. The RSC does not apply toward the annual IRS limit for employee 401(k) contributions.

Additional Plan Features

  • Save Post-Tax Income. Roth contributions are taxed before going into the account and are not taxed upon withdrawal as long as the withdrawal is a qualified distribution. Eastman's plan allows you to hold both the traditional pre-tax account and a Roth account within the 401(k) plan. Note that contribution limits are combined across these accounts, but you can split your contributions between the two any way you like.
  • Earnings Can Grow Tax-Free. With the Roth in-Plan conversion feature, you have the opportunity to build more tax-free income by converting contributions to Roth so potential earnings grow tax free*
  • You Can Save Even More. You are able to save even more into the 401(k) plan with after-tax dollars (up to 10%), and with the Roth in-plan conversion feature you have the chance to potentially build more tax-free retirement income.
  • Added Flexibility. The Fidelity BrokerageLink® allows you to invest up to 95% of your account balance.
  • Automatic Savings. The Annual Increase Program (AIP) automatically increases your savings contribution by 1% each year until your contribution reaches 10% (if your current election is between 1% and 9%).

Planning and Advice

In addition to the many tools and resources available on, employees are able to reach out to Fidelity for help with a wide range of financial planning needs. Fidelity Planning and Advice Professionals are available to:

  • Review your personal finance situation
  • Help you understand your contribution options
  • Explain how Roth in-plan conversions work
  • Help you complete a Roth in-plan conversion or sign up for automatic conversion of after-tax contributions

Just call the Fidelity Service Center at 1-800-270-4015 and ask to speak with a Planning and Advice Professional. We also encourage you to connect with your own trusted financial advisor.

You can also log onto NetBenefits to view and manage your account.

IRS Limitations

The Internal Revenue Service sets limits on your contributions each year.

Less Than 50 Years Old
2022 $20,500
2023 $22,500
50 Years or Older*
2022 $27,000
2023 $30,000

* If you are or will be age 50 or older during the calendar year, you are eligible to make catch-up contributions to the Plan as reflected in the table above.