COBRA allows you (and your covered dependents) to continue, for up to 18 months, the same coverage you had before leaving Eastman. You pay the full cost of this coverage plus a 2% administrative fee. You’ll receive enrollment details from the COBRA administrator after your employment with Eastman ends.

The Eastman Pre-Medicare Access Health Plan

After you leave Eastman, the company offers “access” to the Eastman Pre-Medicare Access Health Plan at a group rate. Administered by Cigna, the plan offers access to the same Cigna network you had as an active team member.

You are eligible for this plan if you:

  • Are a regular part-time or full-time employee, and
  • End your employment with Eastman at age 50 or later with at least five years of service, and
  • Are not eligible for Medicare.

External Health Insurance Marketplace

The external marketplace at allows you to compare prices and features of different health plan options offered by national and regional providers. HealthSherpa is an alternative to that offers a streamlined approach, displays the exact same options and prices, and provides additional services, such as access to marketplace experts who can help you find a plan and see if you qualify for federal subsidies  – at no added cost.

External Dental Plan Options

HealthSherpa can assist you in finding an individual dental plan to meet your needs – at no added cost for the service. Call HealthSherpa to learn about dental plan options in your area. 

Spouse or Domestic Partner Plan

If your spouse or domestic partner is employed and has health coverage, you may be eligible for coverage under their plan. For many, this may be the best and most cost-efficient health option after leaving Eastman.


Medicare is generally available once you reach age 65. Medicare Part A is usually provided at no cost to you. If you elect Part B or other enhanced Medicare coverage, you will pay a monthly premium for coverage. For more information, go to If you retire from Eastman, you will have access to personalized Medicare support through Via Benefits, the nation’s largest private Medicare marketplace – at no cost to you.